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AMMA, Association Mutuelle Médicale d'Assurances

AMMA, Association Mutuelle Médicale d'Assurances

Mission : to be a leading provider of quality professional liability coverage and related insurance contracts to meet the changing needs of our customers; to be a stabilizing force and contributor to positive change in the field of professional liability insurance and health care delivery; to be the employer of choice for those employees who are innovative and take pride in their contributions to AMMA.

Vision :
to set up a portfolio of insurance products and services so uniquely responsive to physicians’ needs that AMMA is the carrier of choice in Belgium.

Underwriting philosophy :
AMMA has positioned itself as the gold standard through its ability to deliver high quality products and services. The products are priced for long-term success rather than short-term market gains.

Products & Services :

  • non-life insurance : medical liability, legal protection, partial or total disability, sickness, accident, motor vehicles, fire risk, theft, long term care
  • insurance non-life insurance (intermediary)
  • life insurance (intermediary)
  • financing (intermediary)
  • advice

Target group :
Doctors, general practitioners, medical specialists, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other (para)medical practitioners, or studying for these occupations.

Other data :
AMMA is a member of the PIAA (Physician Insurers Association of America)