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Groupe Pasteur Mutualité

L'Association Générale des Médecins de France or AGMF (the General Association of French doctors) is a union of non-profit mutual insurance companies, governed by the Code of Mutuality. It brings together more than 60 000 doctors and their families.

Beside the medical and surgical additional cover, AGMF offers:

contingency guarantees intended to provide its members or their beneficiaries with financial resources in case of :

  • sick leave following a disease or an accident,
  • disability (partial or total),
  • death and total and irreversible loss of autonomy,
  • death and incapacity in guarantee of loan,
  • saving products*, PEP* and additional pension,
  • insurance products, professional civil liability and legal protection, home insurance

Managed by health professionals, AGMF enables members of medical professions to practice in a spirit of fellowship, and benefit from products adapted to their statutes.

AGMF also defines itself according to the actions of mutual aid led in the name of medical solidarity***. Advising, assisting and accompanying people remain its three main priorities. Therefore, every year, AGMF takes care of an increasing number of cases of members in situations of distress or uncertainty. Thanks to the help of dedicated social work, AGMF brings a moral and psychological support to its members in trouble.

In order to better inform and serve its members, AGMF is present on all the national territories thanks to a commerical team distributed throughout all French territories.

* contracts guaranteed by our life insurance subsidiary GPM Assurances S.A., company governed by the code of insurance.
** Through GPM Courtage, a limited company of insurance brokers with a supervisory board and capital of Û 200 000, subsidiary of AGMF / GPM group - 34, boulevard of Courcelles - 75809 Paris cedex 17. Financial guarantee and professional and civil responsibility corresponding to articles L530-2 of the code of insurance.
*** In conformity with AGMF social action, union of mutual insurance companies governed by the code of mutuality.