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The medical injury insurance in Sweden started as a voluntary insurance scheme in 1975 arranged by the hospital owners, which are the regions in Sweden. The voluntary scheme was replaced by a law, the Patient Injury Act in 1997 which gives a legal right for the patient to injury compensation. It also enforces a duty for the care providers to purchase patient insurance to cover patient injury compensation.

Most hospitals and primary care centres are owned by the regions in Sweden and most doctors are employed by the hospitals and primary care centres. A few hospitals are run by private companies but have a contract for public patients with the regions. Together the regions own the Regions Mutual Insurance Company for Patient Injuries (LOF). The premium is based on solidarity Ð it is calculated per inhabitant in the region.

The insurance covers all public hospitals, GPs etc and all private hospitals, GPs etc who have a contract with the regions, which means all health care paid by the public sector (about 90%)

There are 8 private insurance companies who cover private dentists, private GPs, local nursing homes and care financed with private health care insurance, which is a small part.

LOF only has patient injury insurance and only for the regions. LOF uses the claims data to help hospitals learn from medical injuries so they should not happen again.

Every year LOF receives 9000 claims and 4000 are accepted. This represents 0.2% claims per inpatient and 0.1% accepted claims per inpatient.