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The association VVAA is the business services provider for professionals in the Dutch healthcare sector. The 75,000 members of the association work as doctors, general practitioners, medical specialists, dentists, veterinarians, midwives, pharmacists, physiotherapists or in other paramedical professions.

VVAA has approximately 650 employees spread across 13 offices throughout the country. VVAA’s staff specialised in the profession give high-quality advice on all aspects of professional practice and in relation to personal circumstances. In this regard, our services range from advice in relation to the setting up and managing of a practice, non-life and life insurance policies, accountancy, tax advice and financial planning to legal services, portfolio management and mortgages.

VVAA is the market leader in the healthcare sector and a trendsetter in the area of medical liability insurance.

VVAA also plays an important role in the hospital sector. For instance, VVAA manages MediRisk, a mutual medical liability insurer for hospitals, and MediFire, a mutual fire insurance company.

How can we be of assistance to foreign colleagues?
If you would like to work in the Netherlands, you can obtain information from VVAA's foreign desk, such as information on setting up your own practice. The foreign desk can also refer you to various organisations in the Netherlands which may be relevant to you.