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Who we are

The structures belonging to Europa Medica work together across Europe to help more than 400,000 healthcare professionals and 2,000 hospitals; they concentrate particularly on professional liability insurance, preventative healthcare and on professional income guarantees in the event of illness or disability.

All members of Europa Medica are key players in their home countries and possess unmatched expertise in professional and financial services for medical and paramedical professions.

Europa Medica objectives are:

To be an information exchange platform for products and the working methods of member companies.

Regarding medical liability for example, Europa Medica:


  • pools information on risk prevention;
  • checks developments in European legislation in the field;
  • discusses all subjects relating patient care.

In this field Europa Medica has undertaken a study regarding complaints following anaesthetic incidents and is currently undertaking a study at a European level on laparoscopy.

The Group is also a point of information exchange for all topics relating to incapacity and permanent disability of professionals in the field.

The marketing Committee, recently set up at the heart of Europa Medica, was put into place to share information on the development of markets and products and to represent and defend the interests of members in the field of medical insurance.

Europa Medica’s members are aware that the mutual insurance societies are an important sector for the distribution of insurance products for the medical profession. Cooperation between members guarantees the strengthening and independence of the mutualist movement. Europa Medica has set itself the goal of integrating all European mutualist insurers who are specialised in the domain of health professions into the heart of the group, providing assistance to professionals when setting up or when they move between the different countries of Europe.
The member companies of Europa Medica aim to form a network of correspondents offering mutual assistance and advice to all members.